Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hyde Harrier

Hyde Harrier by John T100
Hyde Harrier, a photo by John T100 on Flickr.


  1. Nice bikes in a cool shot!

    P.S. Robby has just completed the upgrade of his chopper bike using a Yamaha engine and an Indian Larry-inspired Chain Springer Fork. ヅ
    You can check it out here and please do drop your comment, it's much appreciated. ヅ

    Thank you! ヅ

  2. thanx wrey! ;)

    i’m doing it right now!


    1. Thank you for the visit and for the follow. Glad to return the favor thru GFC#214. ヅ

      I will show your blog to Robby, I'm sure he's gonna like it. ヅ

      Happy Halloween! ヅ


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