Monday, November 30, 2009

Panther Chopper

(found after googling "panther chopper"!!!)

;) -> updates


donne & motori



Krugger from Belgium

IMG_1777, originally uploaded by simple_man_gr.


...e musica a Padova pure!!!!

IMG_1722, originally uploaded by simple_man_gr.

...musica a Verona!

IMG_1912, originally uploaded by simple_man_gr.

0 - 20.000 in 6 months!



Robero Rossi da Mantova

(klikkate x vedere piu grande!!)




PS: me lo ricordo ancora, dai tempi ke stavo in italia e mi compravo la rivista Freeway!
con la barba lunghiiiissima! quasi fino ai suoi...  hehe..  u know!

Steve Tenebrini for Screaming Eagle


Saturday, November 28, 2009

MotorCycles DEN

check out these VIDEOS !!!

some of the coolest bikes ever seen...  all together on the same clips!!!


and of course...  the GALLERY !!


OneLow' Rod&Custom"



5 / 11s now...

and the rest...  HERE !!!


MotorGarage GOODS Custom MotorCycle, since 2001

i just luuuuuve their logo!!!

and their bikes too...of course!!


check them all... HERE !!!


Cafe MotoWerks' 1978 Suzuki GS 550

via bikepics


UPDATE: the guy just made a page on fb
take a look HERE!

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