Monday, May 25, 2009


che dire di queste moto??

e' stata la moto ke ha fatto entrare, lo stile di cafe' racer, nelle nosta vita di ogni giorno!

moto piccola, maneggievole, veloce...
e la linea e' ancora molto bella, dopo 15 anni!!!


 E POI.....





PS: x restare in tema con il mio blog... loro sarebbero: 

Sambuca Racer (il monsterino...  essendo una moto x tutti i giorni) 
Grappa Racer (la brutale! x dei veri intenditori!)


Sangria Racer


i was about to title it "Paella Racer"... but sangria sounds better! and it's a drink!

btw... the pic is stolen by the 
...that themselves, too, got it from who-knows-where!!


Sunday, May 24, 2009


not a sake' racer...  
but simply wonderful!!!

+ great design!!!
after all these years... and it's still beautiful!!

RIP John... 
u've gone too soon!

PS: i've just noticed that the exhaust tubes...r different between one bike and another!

home-hand-made stuff... YES!!!!

or maybe, the idea was getting after bike!!!


the essential racer

in courtesy of:
thanx dan

Monday, May 18, 2009


some days the Otaku Festival 2009 (here in Bucharest)...

...talking with a japanese guy... i asked him to write for me "sake racer" in kanji!!!
i was trying to explain to him what i mean by saying "sake racer"...
but i'm not sure if he really got the meaning!


these r the words he wrote:

in this one...he told me that he wrote exactly the words: "sake" (the wine) and "driver" (becoz he says that the word "racer" does not exist in kanji!!)

but he explained me that if a japanese sees these kanji symbols... he'll get the idea of a "drunk driver/rider"


and here... i asked him to write the kanji about the place where people drink sake..
(coz in europe we say: we go for a a cafe'!!!! right??)

so he wrote me this!!!

even if sake' is not the right word for that place..
(coz they do have a name for the bars where they drink sake')'s ok anyway!

this is my trademark... my inspiration... i call it as i want!!!




Saturday, May 16, 2009

crazy things... in the greek countryside!!

(trela pragmata stin elliniki eparxia!!!!)

it was an ordinary afternoon... on a saturday... during my easter holidays in greece... (some weeks ago)

i had just visited a mekanik's garage in Provatas (in the province of Serres...GREECE)...

let me explain...
i had met this guy a year ago.. just passing by that village...
i remember i had asked him if he knew anything about lil hondas SS50, existing in that area..
and... accidentally... he takes me to this house, were i have the pleasure to take my ever first, and only one till now, ride on a honda SS50!!!

(i have to mention that i own myself 5-6 of these lil bikes... but they r all dead! they need some work!!)


i visited him again this year..
no news!
apart a lil DAX he had there... in order to get it repaired!
(btw....really nice the air filtre case on that lil modep! it seems like the classik oval filtres on the harley sportsters!!!)

i left Provatas... taking my way back to Sidirokastro!!
and i think: why not take a different way back home! not the highway!

so i got myself driving/cruizing on the small roads of the great Serraiki Pediada (valley of Serres)!!

and i arrive on this lil village... where i've never been before! Nea Tyroloi!!!
and... i felt a lil lost...
so i stop in order to ask infos... directions towards my hometown...
i realize that where i have just stopped... it's another garage...
this man... has a couple of BMWs in there! 2 single cylinder ones...R25 and R26 i think!
but wait...
the big shock comes now...
just across the street...
all rusty...and almost inside the bushes... there's a car!
a Camaro... of the 70s... 2nd generation!!!

crazy no???


Art by Lennard Schuurmans

Art by Lennard Schuurmans
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