Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bubba the biker

I'm sharing the original text, via Omega Racer :

A few weeks ago the German Motorcycle magazine "Motorrad" got a present: a mean looking garden gnome on a bike. They didn't quite know what to do with it. They just knew it had to go. Fast and hopefully never come back again. They then had the brilliant idea of asking their readers on facebook what they should do with it. The person with the best idea would win the precious biker gnome.

Lots of people suggested various forms of torture, including barbecuing him, dropping him from a skyscraper or taking him to a Justin Bieber concert, which in my opinion is definitely going a step too far. Some even proposed to leave it at the Motorrad offices, as a torture for them for proposing such a competition. Wickedness knew no limits.

Until I came along and proposed to do something like I had seen many years ago in a lovely film called 'Amelie':

People liked the idea and that's how I came to own a biker gnome!

I kept my promise and took Bubba on his first bike trip in Thailand. First stop: Wat Sothon, Chachoengsao

Now, who else is willing to continue his tour?!

I'm ready to ship world wide...
Please apply within ;-)

I applied...
and Bubba is on his way to my place...


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