Monday, May 18, 2009


some days the Otaku Festival 2009 (here in Bucharest)...

...talking with a japanese guy... i asked him to write for me "sake racer" in kanji!!!
i was trying to explain to him what i mean by saying "sake racer"...
but i'm not sure if he really got the meaning!


these r the words he wrote:

in this one...he told me that he wrote exactly the words: "sake" (the wine) and "driver" (becoz he says that the word "racer" does not exist in kanji!!)

but he explained me that if a japanese sees these kanji symbols... he'll get the idea of a "drunk driver/rider"


and here... i asked him to write the kanji about the place where people drink sake..
(coz in europe we say: we go for a a cafe'!!!! right??)

so he wrote me this!!!

even if sake' is not the right word for that place..
(coz they do have a name for the bars where they drink sake')'s ok anyway!

this is my trademark... my inspiration... i call it as i want!!!




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