Monday, May 18, 2009


some days the Otaku Festival 2009 (here in Bucharest)...

...talking with a japanese guy... i asked him to write for me "sake racer" in kanji!!!
i was trying to explain to him what i mean by saying "sake racer"...
but i'm not sure if he really got the meaning!


these r the words he wrote:

in this one...he told me that he wrote exactly the words: "sake" (the wine) and "driver" (becoz he says that the word "racer" does not exist in kanji!!)

but he explained me that if a japanese sees these kanji symbols... he'll get the idea of a "drunk driver/rider"


and here... i asked him to write the kanji about the place where people drink sake..
(coz in europe we say: we go for a a cafe'!!!! right??)

so he wrote me this!!!

even if sake' is not the right word for that place..
(coz they do have a name for the bars where they drink sake')'s ok anyway!

this is my trademark... my inspiration... i call it as i want!!!





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  2. Great!!!
    you can read the 1st one
    as "IZAKAYA REESAA" that exactly is
    "place where drinking sake" + "racer"!:)
    In the 2nd image you have "SAKEUNTEN" that gives the idea of driving drunk, but maybe NORI would be better that UNTEN cause it's specific for bikes (it means "riding")!
    Obviously "SAKE REESAA" is my favourite one, cause i'm bulding my own one based on a '82 CBX 550... :D

  3. hmmmmmm...

    mi hai confuso!

    allora... come significato... sarebbe meglio scrivere: "sake nori" ????

    e se dico: "sake reesaa" ???
    penserano ke sono un "rider" ubriaco???


    x favore... se ce la fai... me li scrivi entrambi in kanji??


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