Monday, June 22, 2009


20-25 years (+3 cylinders) of difference between these two!

but so fucking great...both of them!!!


  1. My friend BC built that blue Suzuki. Funny to see it on your Blog. You should see his current projects...

  2. ooooh
    dear Duncan...
    who is your friend BC???
    (another blogger?? or maybe he's building bikes??)


    to be honest, i dont even remember when and where from i saved these pics!
    the 1cyl. is for sure from japan!
    (it's a bike made only for their national market!
    suzuki tempter 400cc with the engine of the lil chopper LS400 Savage!!
    shit! sometimes they just keep the best ones just for themselves!)



Art by Lennard Schuurmans

Art by Lennard Schuurmans
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