Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ford Granada Mk1 (1972-1976)

1975 Ford Granada MkI 3.0 Ghia (3.0 litre V6)Ford Granada CoupéFord 1974 Granada Ghia 3Ltr Auto (1)In all its purple Glory - My 1974 Ford Granada 3 Litre v6 GXL  , photographed in 19821975 Ford Granada 3.0 Ghia Coupé_Elshout_01jun2009Granada Ghia
1973 FORD CONSUL GT 3000cc YOO300L1973 FORD CONSUL GT 3000cc YOO300LFord Consul CoupeFord Granada 2.0LFORD Granada GHIA AutomaticFord Consul Limousine (1972 -1975)
Classic Ford Of The Year 2013: Mark Marsdon's Mk1 Granada GhiaFORD GRANADA 2000 1977IMG_3974IMG_3977IMG_3973IMG_3975
Ford Consul (1973)Ford Granada I 2.3MAUVE, 1975 FORD CONSUL L 2.5 JFP 777N1973 FORD GRANADA GXL AOO672L1975 Ford Granada Ghia Coupe1975 Ford Granada 2500 L (3.0 badges)

Ford Granada Mk1 (1972-1976), a group on Flickr.

During the last 5 years,
I have posted several pics
of my all time favourite
Ford Taunus TC1.

And I had never paid attention to these Granadas...

Till last night!!!

A stupid online ad...
A local car..

I don't even know how that page popped up!
I hadn't searched for a Granada!

But.. wtf.. why not??!!??
That 2door sedan is really beautiful!!!

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