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Highway A1A in Florida – One of the Best Roads for Motorcycle Ride

With the longest stretch of highway for a state road in Florida, A1A connects the northeastern portion of the Sunshine State with the southernmost. Because this highway puts motorists on the Atlantic Beach, if not very close when away, this has become quite the ideal ride for motorcyclists worldwide.

 At just over 328 miles, the A1A travels through a variety of towns and cities, offering riders a truly unique experience with every settlement they come across. Because it's not a traditional highway, serving as main street for many communities, motorcyclists have made Florida's A1A a staple ride for decades now.

Get all-weather leather:

Suit up in your lightest leathers– the River Road Vise comes to mind – because it will most likely be a rather warm ride. The sub-tropical temperatures of Florida can surely wear on riders, but the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean tends to cool travelers exposed to the open air. Riders may also wish to pack some all-weather leathers, such as the Icon Patrol waterproof jacket, as it tends to rain lightly very often in the state of Florida. Because the A1A covers such a vast stretch of roadway in the state of Florida, you could be riding in heavy rain one minute and cruising under clear skies the next.


Lot more than just a Beach Tour:

But the A1A is much more than just a beach tour down the Eastern coast of Florida; it's a journey through time. As this long stretch of highway passes through towns like Daytona Beach, riders can seek historical lessons through dedicated monuments specific to motorcycles. As Daytona is home to such notable gatherings as Bike Week in March, riders from across the globe gathered in the beachfront town for the 70th year in a row. With Bike Week already successfully finished for the year, riders can check the official website to plan their 2014 trips. Of course, no trip would be complete without a full tour of the Florida A1A!

View Old-fashioned Towns:

Moving south along the subtropical Floridian highway, riders can enjoy visits to quaint towns such as Cocoa Beach (a surfer's paradise), Palm Beach (easternmost town in Florida) and Ft. Lauderdale. Eventually, riders will pass through Florida's most populated and cultured city: Miami. With plenty of shopping, nightlife and motorcycle fanfare, riders will want to soak in as much as possible, but A1A is not finished yet. In fact, the most scenic of rides is still yet to come, despite the Florida mainland coming to a swift end. 

As motorcyclists continue south and ultimately reach the town of Homestead, A1A is just warming up to be one of the most scenic rides the country has to offer. Upon leaving the mainland of Florida, riders will enjoy 127 miles of breathtaking roadways surrounded by clear, Green Ocean. Because the climate is generally warm year round, the apparel of choice might be a nice River Road Harrier Vest or something equally as light. Once you reach the very end and Key West is in your sights, it's time to relax and enjoy the regional culture that the southern stretch of Florida State Route A1A!

Florida State Road 30A

Sometimes a motorcycle trip is more about the experience and people than it is about the thrill of the journey. Florida State Road 30A is a panhandle highway that shares its travel with U.S. Route 98 for approximately half of its duration. No matter what you call it, Florida State Road 30A offers motorcyclists a fun and exciting ride along the Gulf of Mexico. Connecting towns such as Panama City Beach, Callaway and Santa Rosa Beach, Florida State Road 30A offers travelers a slice of heaven via the Northwest Florida Panhandle.

State Road 30A began life in order to connect small beach towns in North Florida with each other, making trade and transportation a bit easier on settlers. Although its European routes date back to the 16th century, this stretch of Florida land has become more apparent to visitors in just the last century. Because the beaches along State Road 30A have become so developed in the last few decades, lodging is never really an issue, no matter what time of year you decide to visit. From multi-story beach houses to condominiums and beach-overlook hotels, Florida State Road 30A offers travelers an option for just about every budget imaginable. And you can bet you'll be right on the water, no matter where you stay!

The ride getting there is half the excitement, as the lanes are comfortably widened and relaxing to ride. Florida does an exceptional job of maintaining the duration of Florida State Road 30A. Stretching 28.5 miles along the Gulf of Mexico coastline, Florida State Road 30A may not be the only highway system that connects travelers to popular Florida beach towns, but it's certainly one of the most impressive. For many parts of the ride, motorcyclists will be within direct view of the ocean and surrounding beach areas. Some highways in California and along the East Coast may attempt to recreate the views, but Florida 30A takes the cake in terms of sheer beauty and awesome weather. 

Depending on when you decide to visit Florida State Road 30A and the Gulf of Mexico, you most likely need to pack light and wear lightweight attire. The River Road Harrier Vest is open and free, allowing you to feel the openness of the road and the cool breeze of the ocean. Even if you choose to visit the Gulf in the dead of winter, as the beach tends to be a relaxing invitation when compared with other regions of the country this time of year, you don't need to worry about cold temperatures spoiling your visit. Weather has been known to dip into the 50s and sometimes 40s, but mid-60-degree weather along 30A is not too uncommon in December or January. You may want to pack a light rain jacket or all-weather leather like Icon's Patrol, as the area has been known to see slight rainfall on a daily basis.

Florida State Road 30A may not be the most exhilarating ride of your lifetime in terms of adrenaline and pure speed, but it's certainly something you cannot replicate. Ride along the Gulf of Mexico with an open throttle, and you'll easily understand why towns like Panama City Beach and Santa Rosa Beach have become mainstays for travelers since the 19th century. This is a vacation ride, therefore it's best to ride with friends and family. You never know how much fun you'll have along Florida State Road 30A! 

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