Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CX/GL 500 Cafe Racer (the Little Dragon)

via DeepでFunnyなMonkeyCustom: Cafe Racer

UPDATE: well….  it was about time!!!!

i’ve been checking my page stats, and this post seems to be pretty popular!

then, clicking the “via” link…  nothing! empty! no more pics!

hopefully, an anonymous friend has given me some tips about this bike…

"The bike was unfortunately ran over in a parking lot by a lifted truck damaging it severely. It has since been repaired, restored, and repainted”

ssssssssshhhhhit… i thought!!!
poor bike!
it’s gone forever!

it’s back on the road… better than before!!


so here we go...
these r the guys who rebuilt it: Little-Horse-Cycles page on fb
and some pics of how it looks now:

….with the proud owner on!

cheers Angela..
& the Little Horse Cycles crew of course!


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